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1.    A design entered in competition must be the work of only one exhibitor and that exhibitor’s name must appear on the entry card.


2.  Fresh plant material may not be treated in any manner. No artificial plant material permitted.  Dried plant material may be treated, painted, or embellished.

3.  The designer has the freedom to choose Traditional or Creative style with any design type listed unless restricted by the schedule.

4.  If a designer is unable to fulfill an assignment, it is the designer’s responsibility to provide a replacement and to notify the Design Entries Chairman.

5.  Plant material used in designs need not have been grown by the exhibitor.


6.   Exhibitor will provide a card listing plant material.  A brief  “card of intent” may accompany a design exhibit.  When design techniques are required, they must be listed on the card.

7.  The Design Scale of Points are listed on pp. 129 of the Handbook, 2017.

8.  Exhibits are judged on conformance to schedule, design distinction, artistic concept and expression.






Class 1.  “The Big City”   4 Entries

A Featured Plant Material Design, staged on a 30” wide area, in the dining room in front of windows.  Underlay permitted. Eligible for Designer’s Choice Awa rd     

A Featured Plant Material Design has emphasis on one plant species.  Other components are subordinate and may be used to enhance the featured plant.


Class 2.  “A Music Festival”   4 Entries

A Design with Rhythm using Designer’s Choice of plant material, staged in the living room on a black pedestal 42” high with a 14” square top. Pedestal provided by the committee; design to be viewed from the front.  Background wall, pale yellow. 


Eligible for Designer’s Choice Award

Rhythm- the dominant visual movement throughout a design  Rhythm is created by actual or implied lines leading the eye around design.


Class 3.  “The Flower Shop”    4 Entries

A Low Profile Design using fresh and/or dried plant materials, staged in the living room on 30” deep x 24” wide tables provided by the committee.       


Eligible for Designer’s Choice Award                                           


Low Profile is a 3 dimensional design incorporating three or more design techniques.  The design must be at least four times as long as it is high.  Will be viewed from above.

Class 4.  “My Favorite Vacation”   4 Entries

A breakfast tray to start the day at your choice of your favorite vacation spot.  May use an accessory in scale with the other components on the tray.  Exhibitor provides the tray, not larger than 18” deep by 28” wide.  Shown in the kitchen.


Tray- a place setting for one that includes a decorative unit (floral design).  All components to be in scale with the size of tray and appear to be stable to carry.


Class 5.   “Alfresco Dining at a Sporting Event “   4 Entries

A picnic table for 2 suggesting a sporting event, staged on a low 27” square table.  Components in keeping with the title.  Table covering provided by the exhibitor.


Outdoor Table- table planned and set for actual service of food.  Includes the table covering, napkins, beverage, plate and/or serving pieces.  Floral design should be in scale with the table.