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In 2017/18 Woodlands Garden club members donated many hours of service and contributed funds to the following: The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. Scholarship Fund Forest Park Project Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Historical Society Gorton Community Center Garden And the Drop-In Program First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest Northwestern/Lake Forest Hospital


• Club members worked with the Gorton Drop-In Center to educate the preschoolers and plant vegetables in the raised beds near their center. Children learned how to grow and care for their plants. It was exciting to see the plants develop and the children were able to enjoy the vegetables with their lunch!

• Our major hands-on project is the outdoor beautification of the Gorton Community Center. A spring cleanup and planting took place. In addition, members volunteer for weekly summer and fall maintenance at the garden. In addition, club members created seasonal planters for the entrances. Gorton Community Center is the “community’s home”. The facility has over 1,000 programs for adults and children; it also houses a children’s drop in center, Deer Path Art Gallery and many not for profit headquarters.

• Club members created seasonal planters for the front and back entrances of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Historical Society, three times a year.

• Club members created holiday planters for all entrances of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest.

• Club members created holiday planters for CROYA.

• Woodlands Garden Club continues its tradition of decorating holiday trees for the Lake Forest Hospital’s lobby of the Women’s Health Center.

• The City of Lake Forest has created a Civic Beautification Committee of which representatives from all Lake Forest Garden Clubs and city representatives will meet to foster an effective partnership between local garden clubs and The City of Lake Forest on projects that have an enduring value to the Lake Forest community.

• In June 2018  we hosted our bi-annual flower show at a member's home inviting the public to view our creations.



Members needed for our community projects! Watch your newsletter and emails for updates.

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